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We want more!

By Alan bailey

MORE and more our way of life seems to be centred around things. To possess a good house, furniture, clothes, cars and a growing array of consumer items is what life is all about, so it seems. The ever-active world of advertising keeps these alluring goods in front of us. There they are, glittering silverware, plush floor coverings, thrilling sound systems and endless electronic gadgetry.

Then added luxuries like a pool table, a caravan or cabin cruiser, are for some like a tempting bait dangling before their eyes.

Desire rules, OK?

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When enough is not enough

Tips for Life


Take a moment to think about that thing you really wish you owned. Ever wished or even prayed that you would win the lottery? Perhaps even daydreamed about what you would spend the money on?

For millions of people, having any sort of possessions is just that: a dream. They exist from day to day with the barest essentials of life or not even that. Thankfully, much is being done in our day to bring relief to those living in poverty. Whether people are rich or poor, however, it is part of human nature to desire and want things.

Desire rules, OK?

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There’s a rough ride ahead!

Tips for Life

by Alan Bailey

The global financial woes hopefully help us to remember what is most valuable
No doubt you’ve heard the question, ‘I’ve got good news and bad news; which do you want first?’

Right now most people are well informed of bad economic news which is affecting people around the world. The message seems to be ‘Fasten your seat belts folks. There’s a rough ride ahead.’ Times are not going to get easier, especially for those who struggle to pay their way at the best of times.

There is a tremendous focus on money in our world today. Whether you are a ‘have’ or a ‘have not’, minds are concentrated on getting by, surviving, keeping one’s head above water, or, for some, continual striving for more and more wealth. Perhaps it will always be like this.Continue reading

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Getting Grateful

Christmas 2021

This Christmas, the second Covid Christmas of the world,  it would be easy to focus on the negative – foreign holidays we can’t go on, overseas family that we can’t see, online gifts that are delayed or unavailable. There may also be the more serious issues of a loved one passed or sick from Covid (or some other illness or accident), a lost job, less money due to reduced hours or lockdowns, or relationships that have failed due to enforced distance or smothering closeness.

American author Max Lucado says, “The good life begins not when circumstances change but when our attitude toward them does.”Continue reading

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