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Lessons from an inept sailor

by Janice Teo
One day in my life stands out with great clarity. Not the good epiphany kind of clarity; more the my-life-flashed-before-me variety. It was the day my husband and I took part in a sailing competition.
Up to then we had been happy casual sailors, satisfied with jaunts along the coast, safely within reach of medical care and proper toilets because no, the back of the boat doesn’t count.
Sailing can teach you many lessons, foremost of which is this one: life can throw a storm at you any time, anywhere, without any warning. This is precisely what happened to us.
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Who can you trust?

By Alan Bailey

THERE was a time when trusting others was normal. We had faith in human nature to a point. Institutions were solid, having our confidence. A saying was “as safe as a bank.”

But now the banks have let us down. Whatever next? A recent royal commission has revealed that banks have drawn money from accounts of deceased people over a period of years; they have maintained insurance policies that were worthless, and by various shady deals have taken money from clients who have been unaware.

Sadly, the word of another is getting harder to believe, making cynicism and distrust the emerging forces of today. The media is keeping us informed of scams and swindles and rackets and rorts. Meantime, our faith in human nature is taking a nosedive. Little wonder the average person is unimpressed by political rhetoric, hard sell and televangelists.

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