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What I wish I could give my kids this Christmas

Published December 2018

As I write, it is the beginning of October and time to start thinking about accumulating gifts for various family members for Christmas. The shops are already putting up decorations and the catalogues are flowing in thick and fast.

So many choices, so much stuff, such a lot of gadgets and gizmos. Apparently, according to the US National Retail Federation projections, this year Americans will spend a staggering $600 billion on Christmas, and I’m sure us Aussies are not far behind.

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Tips for Life

By Alan Bailey

I think it is fair to say that life can be described as a struggle. Survival seems to be the name of the game. People appear to look after themselves as best they can, leaving everyone else to find their own way.

Protecting oneself and one’s belongings is all important, for theft and violence abound. So, many barricade themselves in, to keep the world around them out.

We can’t live in isolation

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Things I have learnt about God – mercy.

Mercy is not really a word used in modern language – except maybe in the US South as an exclamation, “Have mercy!” It is not a concept we bandy about in conversation, although I imagine most people generally know that it is similar to the legal idea of clemency – getting off or getting a lighter sentence when you deserve punishment.

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