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Sport — The magnificent obsession

Tips for Life
by Alan Bailey

AMONG the news reports of earthquakes, wars, floods and fires, there is sure to be a solid segment of the latest sporting events won and lost. Then, a run-down on all the up-coming contests for trophies and glory.

It’s big. See the procession of parents following their children to the playing fields, the netball and tennis courts, the swimming pools, the gymnasiums and so on. Witness the people who run, climb, bat, kick, throw, swing, dive, drive, pedal, dance, skate, ski, wrestle, box — and more.

For some, it’s an interest, a pastime. For others it’s an essential ingredient of life. For yet others it is a passion, a driving force, a religion calling for supreme dedication. Those who view sport but don’t play it fall into exactly the same categories.

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