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The TV interviewer asks: How are you feeling now?

Tips for Life

by Alan Bailey

It’s an inevitable question with TV interviewers. ‘How did you feel when you realized your parachute wouldn’t open?’ ‘How did you feel when you heard that all your money had been ripped off you?’ ‘How did you feel when you lost the match?’

My own feeling at that point is sympathy for the poor souls who have been through some sort of trauma and who are asked a pretty silly question about their feelings.

It’s the age

The world around us seems to live in the area of feelings. The preface ‘I feel… or ‘I felt…’ is so common. Sometimes it means ‘I think…’ But then, I’m not sure that thinking is all that popular these days.

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More than a feeling

“Feelings, nothing more than feelings,” goes the 1974 classic by Morris Albert, and sometimes our actions seem to be governed by nothing else.

How many marriages have ended because “I just don’t feel like I love you anymore”? How many people have committed suicide because they feel that life is not worth living? How many people are addicted to various substances because “it makes me feel so good”?

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