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Don’t worry!

Published April 2020

BE anxious for nothing. This is one of the strangest commandments in the Bible.

First of all, there is an awful lot to be anxious about – coronavirus for a start; climate change, child abuse, domestic violence, North Korea, species extinction, incoming asteroids, financial disaster, difficult relationships, online bullying, weight gain … You name it and we can worry about it!

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When our fears turn to anger

“Be angry, yet do not sin…”

So wrote Paul the Apostle as he gave great practical advice on living out our relationships with one another.

Many years ago, a friend read this out to a group of us while also making an honest admission that he found this piece of advice “incredibly difficult to live out!” He was simply echoing what we all felt – it’s so easy to quote this statement, but extremely hard to follow!

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Fear is a relationship killer

By Rob Furlong
One theme has dominated news headlines recently – toilet paper supplies in our supermarkets are running low as a result of “panic buying” by large numbers of the Australian population.
One reason suggested is the false belief that toilet paper can be used as a face mask to protect you from contracting the Coronavirus.
Now we are getting to the root cause of this erratic behaviour – fear – fear induced by the threat the Coronavirus outbreak represents.
But what does this have to do with relationships?
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That feeling of insecurity

Tips for Life

By Alan Bailey

INSECURITY abounds. Lack of money has a lot to do with it for many in our society; they are constantly threatened by the inability to have enough to cover the many demands for their cash. How worrying!

Insecure relationships can make life awkward and slippery. How many wonder how long they and their partners are going to stay together. The signs of breakdown are coming up all too frequently. It’s hard to sleep at night when you wonder how long the security you have enjoyed is going to last.

Job security has an unfriendly look about it to another percentage of people. Will the boss call me in and tell me not to come in on Monday? If he does, where to next? Am I past getting another position? Will I join the unemployed who have no job security whatever?

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