Why are we so angry?

Tips for Life

By Alan Bailey

PEOPLE seem to be flying off the handle in all directions today. Have you noticed it? There’s road rage that seems to show up almost every day. People are often irritated by small things, such as being beaten to a parking spot or being upset by a queue jumper. In the home, short fuses cause untold damage with words and even fists flying to make a point. Alas, weapons are used for vengeance and murders are committed out of anger. Why have we become an angry society?

Living on the merry-go-round

There are many uptight people today who feel a compulsion to try to pack more into their lives than will reasonably fit. They are harassed by schedules, by children, by spouses, while they try to work to earn some money, to play sport for recreation, socialise, and yet have some time to themselves. Thus they are always in a hurry, always cursing delays, angry when their plans are upset. While some of their schedule is for the sake of others, they nevertheless are flat out trying to gratify inner urges that are basically selfish. Mix this kind of person with others who live the same way and the sparks will fly sooner or later.

Modern living seems to demand of people that they have everything that is going. If it’s there and available, I should have it, is their way of thinking. Smart things around the home, plenty of food and drink, the best of entertainment. These become mandatory.

One of the complications of this life-style is fatigue. So many people are just plain tired and unable to cope with contingencies. A bit of quiet, a few nights of long, sound sleep and time to think, can make all the difference.

Rundown relationships

Why do people fight –especially when they are meant to love each other? Somehow, closeness and communion have been lost and distance and lack of understanding have taken their place. The causes of this situation can be many and varied but once the distance has come between people, small problems can escalate into large ones.

What is the great need?

To put it bluntly, people are at war with each other because they don’t have peace with God. He provides the anchorage they need in an uncertain world. He gives a peace that remains when upsets come our way. He shows us by His own love and kindness and forgiveness, how we should treat other people.

Jesus is the perfect example. Yes, He was angry at prejudice, injustice and evil, but was never ruffled into selfish anger at any time. Even when He was subjected to torment and terrible suffering, He was patient, praying for His enemies.

We can’t even approach that standard without a personal relationship with Him. Such a relationship is not beyond our reach. It is constantly on offer.

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