Finding a cure for cancer

Published March 2019

CANCER is everywhere. My father died of brain cancer, my mother survived breast cancer, my brother had skin cancer removed and my grandmother died of bowel cancer. I myself have a suspected slow-growing lung cancer and can think of six people off the top of my head whom I know are currently fighting or have recently battled the disease.

I’m sure most of you can too.

Now comes an astounding announcement from a team of Israeli scientists that they have discovered the first true cure for all types of cancer! One of them told The Jerusalem Post, “We believe we will offer in a year’s time a complete cure for cancer.”

He added, “Our cancer cure will be effective from day one, will last a duration of a few weeks and will have no or minimal side-effects at a much lower cost than most other treatments on the market.”

The scientists describe their discovery as a kind of cancer antibiotic and hope to begin clinical trials almost immediately.

Could the miracle of a final solution for cancer really be true? I imagine there will be hundreds of people flying to Israel hoping to be part of the trials or to have their sick children or spouses on it.

Imagine if you created such a drug. Would you sell it at astronomical prices and live in luxury forever? Or would you make it cheaply available and ease as much suffering as you can? Wouldn’t you offer it to everyone you know who had cancer and urge them to try it?

If you were a cancer sufferer wouldn’t you beg for help and spend all you had for such treatment?

What if you just had a small bit of cancer? Would you say “No, no, I don’t have as much cancer as the next guy. He needs the treatment but not me.”

It would be stupid to be too proud to admit you needed treatment. It would be stupid to ignore the cancer, thinking it would go away on its own, when it is well known that cancer spreads – often rapidly.

And yet, we all have the cancer of sin. Some of us don’t realise it yet because we haven’t seen the tell-tale symptoms in our lives – although others probably have! We are all in need of a cure for our rebellion against God and terminal selfishness and pride.

Jesus died and rose again in order to pay for a final-solution for every type of sin for everyone who asks for treatment. He can cure all types of sin, however, clinical trials have found that His cure is not always effective immediately, it takes a whole lifetime to complete and has several life-altering side effects.

Those who are part of the clinical trial though (myself included), report miraculous results! I encourage you to read the Bible to explore in-depth God’s diagnosis of our human condition and explanation of His wonderful cure.

And as for cancer, how poetic if its total cure comes from the land that saw the birth of sin’s cure too!

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