Cheesecakes and creation

Peter’s Corner

I’ve been practising making my mother’s baked cheesecake recipe for a while, and I am told it is bearing good fruit.
Now think about this. The chef follows a recipe, or a process, or a code, that is designed to produce a perfect cheesecake. The ingredients do not become a cake just by themselves if we wait long enough. The right amount of time is part of the process – I discovered that when I forgot the cake was in the oven, but fortunately my wife Denise, instead of the fire brigade, came to the rescue.
In the same way, considering the origin of life, molecules are not going to become people by evolution, just by waiting long enough. Even after any amount of time, if there is no design, there can be no people.
The cheesecake recipe is an intelligent code that is separate from the ingredients. The flour, sugar, butter and cheese have no idea that they are on their way to becoming cheesecake. The key is this: the property of being a cheesecake does not come from the ingredients. Whenever we see that key, we see the fingerprints of intelligent design.
Another example is seen in the boomerang, which is a specially shaped wooden tool designed so that when thrown, it returns to the thrower. The property of being able to return is not a property of the wood that the boomerang is made of. That is how we know for sure it was designed.
In the same way, our DNA carries a code that does not arise from the DNA itself, and it’s a great code that has all the information to make people! The DNA has no idea it is carrying this code. The wood of the boomerang has no idea that it is returning. The flour has no idea it is in a cake.
When we see these, we see clear signs of intelligent creation. So who created people? We know that ultimately, our great God takes the credit for the creation. I thank Him even for the cheesecake. I hope these words help you, as they have me, in your journey to surely trust the Creator. ●
Peter Mikula is a mining engineer in Kalgoorlie who loves stargazing and talking with others about Jesus.

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